Maharashtra Goverment announces 5 lakh jobs for youngsters

Devendra Fadnavis Chief Minister of Maharashtra has announced to create 5 lakh jobs for youngsters

In order to resolve the ongoing reservation issue in jobs and education sector in Maharashtra, recently the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has announced to create job opportunities for lakhs of youths.

Also, on the occasion of 83rd birth anniversary late Mathadi leader Annasaheb Patil, Fadnavis announced several welfare schemes for the community while addressing the gathering of Mathadi workers (head loaders) at Navi Mumbai.

Further, Fadnavis announced that both short- and long-term plans for administrative and political purposes were ready to address the ongoing unrest in the state.

Key notes from his statement:

  • The state government would give employment opportunities to 5 lakh youths
  • This job would be provided through skill development
  • In a recent Indian Express report, Fadnavis speaking on this initiative said, "Our plan is to provide employment opportunities to 5 lakh youths from the Maratha community using skill development and finance"
  • Moreover, the CM has asked the Kranti Maratha Morcha to initiative a dialogue with the government
  • Also, Fadnavis said that in order to address their concerns of rural poverty and agriculture crisis, the government has planned to hold discussions with various sections of the community in almost all districts across the state
  • Not only this, on the agenda, the government will form a sub-group of ministers and district representatives across party lines.

Speaking about providing reservation to the community, CM said, "My government passed the law for Maratha reservation. But the matter is in court. We have collected 1,200 documents to substantiate the Marathas' right to reservation."

While appreciating that the fact the people stated protest, Fadnavis said, "A sizeable section within the community is facing educational and economic backwardness. The problem has its roots in the past legacy and the system, which needs to be uprooted."

Details of reservation:

  • Fadnavis said the government has been working to accommodate the larger concerns of Maratha youths by opening up the private sector for them
  • The (proposed) 15 per cent reservation would create only 900 seats in 6,000 (government) colleges
  • Also, under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the government will include housing for Mathadi workers

But, 1.47 lakh private institutions with greater space have failed to accommodate the concerns of the poor Marathas who cannot afford higher fees, CM added.

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